Connecting Western and Central Massachusetts

Enabling education, health, commerce, and government services through high-performance fiber broadband.

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About local linx

Local Linx is a women-owned SDO certified local business operating the MassBroadband 123 network – over 1200 miles of fiber in more than 120 Western and Central Massachusetts communities. Local Linx provides customers including community anchor institutions, businesses, and homes with 100% fiber connectivity and high-performance broadband services. Local Linx operates an open-access network that gives customers options and choice of service provider, so that they can get excellent service at an affordable price. As we grow, our focus is on digital equity and improving quality of life and economic opportunity throughout Western and Central Massachusetts.

What is the MassBroadband 123 Network?

MassBroadband 123 (MB123) is a critical component of Massachusetts’ initiative to extend broadband access across the Commonwealth. The network provides the necessary broadband infrastructure to foster economic growth, improve health care and education, and strengthen public safety.